blog iconMarkdown Edit Release 1.30.1

Sep 01, 2016

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix “Auto-sync of edit and preview panes fails for block quotes in lists” #176


  • Changed CustomMarkdownEngine setting to accept only a file name.
  • Added CustomMarkdownEngineArgs for additional arguments to pass to CustomMarkdownEngine.

tuning forks

Scroll synchronization continues to improve. There’s no direct way at present to know what bit of Markdown generates what bit of HTML. The current method is essentially a block counting algorithm with special case handling. Scroll synchronization can still be fooled by large blocks of embedded HTML, although most of the time it gets things right.

I separated the arguments from the file name to deal with long file names. While it’s possible to parse these things, there seems to always be breaking edge cases. Better to be conservative and just keep the items separate.

I’m slowly plowing through the backlog of issues. Don’t be afraid to nudge me if you don’t see movement on your issue.