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Jun 10, 2017

welcome back with dog

Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve updated things. Too many distractions I guess. Consider this release the beginning of a new round of development. There are a number of issues open that I’ll start plowing through.

This release will require .NET 4.7. Why you ask? Because 4.7 has a number of enhancements for high DPI screens that WPF apps get automatically. I get the occasional report about things not looking right on high DPI screens. I don’t have one of those screens which makes it difficult to address. Let me know if it works.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to fix some crash reports and update packages.

  • VS like selection style for editor
  • update packages, remove browser unload code, move to vs2017
  • move to .net 4.7, update get/setter styles
  • fix out of range crash
  • fix file in use crash
  • fix some other crash reports
  • add GitHub’s cmark for for future consideration
  • update pandoc, mess around with cmark-gfm

I’ve built and included cmark-gfm in this release. It’s not used in the program although your welcome to mess around with it using the custom engine option in MDE.